Inefficient Platforms

It seems like a lot of companies, from small retailers to large project sourcing firms, are slow to realize that the functionality of a platform makes a huge difference in any online project. What happens, more often than not, is that project managers shift the burden of access, data entry, etc. onto freelancers, which cuts down their revenue and can ultimately stall out a project.

I’ve seen great business initiatives work on WordPress, Joomla, and other platforms, and I’ve seen others fail spectacularly using the same technologies. When it comes to self-built custom environments, the best companies try to engineer them for a user-friendly result. If they’re not built this way, the whole thing can collapse as the ‘posters’, freelancers who get paid by the word, get frustrated with the time-sucking requirements for delivery. This is where having experienced freelancers, and listening to them, can help a business build a good, effective web site and not a fiasco.