Here’s this story, apparently it posted on Jan. 12 – timely, because of the news of SpaceX opening up a new Seattle office.

I am a big fan of what this company is doing and I hated to include the details on PR. But my experience was really daunting. Never got a name or anywhere to go for press contacts….maybe with the new Seattle office they will have a phone number that’s connected to a FT receptionist :) – anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next from this massively innovative firm…..

It’s not You – It’s the IVR!

Every time I have to sift through ridiculous, frustrating IVR, I think about this issue. Comcast, I’m looking at you.
Here’s a story that just went live on – our first foray into call center operations and the application of context-awareness.
Thanks to Guy at CustomerMatrix and Bill and Barbara at CallFire for weighing in on this kind of technology – I’m looking forward to emerging questions about why, with all of the new stuff available, businesses can’t seem to come up with just a little more love for customers, or help time-starved parents, workers and others save a few precious minutes when calling in routinely to ask about bills, fix issues with services, or otherwise manage their day to day.